Emergency Chlorine Scrubber

Particulate and contaminate removal.

Emergency Chlorine Scrubber

Chlorine is a frequent byproduct in many chemical reactions. However, manufacturers are required by law to reduce or eliminate emissions of this poisonous gas. In order to safeguard against the accidental discharge of poisonous chlorine gas, a wet or dry chlorine scrubbing system is typically required as part of a waste water treatment system.

Dry Chlorine scrubbers are safer and more reliable than wet scrubber systems, require less maintenance, are easier to operate, and cost less. capturing escaping chlorine gas before it puts unsuspecting employees and citizens at risk. And unlike outdated wet scrubbers that require constant upkeep and handling of caustic solutions, dry chlorine scrubbers are safe, reliable and dependable.

  • Water treatment filtration
  • Emergency odor control
  • Gas Safety

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